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When to Seek Help

Is your childs behavior or conduct getting out of control? Is your teen struggling in school or harming others? Find out when to seek help for a behavior disorder or conduct disorder. Learn the warning signs for behavior disorders, and when it is time to get help.

How do you know when to seek help for a problem that you are facing or that you are deailng with in a child or teen? There are many variables that can play into when to seek help. According to the National Institute of Mental Health the warning signs of a behavior disorder or other problems can be but are not limited to:

  • Harming or threatening themselves, other people or pets.
  • Damaging or destroying property.
  • Lying or stealing.
  • Not doing well in school, skipping school.
  • Early smoking, drinking or drug use.
  • Early sexual activity.
  • Frequent tantrums and arguments.
  • Consistent hostility toward authority figures.

As the NIMH points out, if you see these signs you need help.  "Poor choices can become habits".

A good rule of thumb is that if you, as a parent, have tried to stop these behaviors without success, it is time to seek help from an outside source.  There are many resources available that your doctor can recommend.  Parents can learn ways to cope, parent and overcome these adversities.

More research is constantly being done to help people with behavior disorders.  Be sure to keep abreast of current studies and scientific findings. This will definitely help you to help your child or other loved ones.

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