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Teen Behavior Disorders

Article covers teen behavior disorders. Includes teen behavior disorder warning signs and the types of teen behaviors that should be addressed as soon as possible. Find common teen behavior problems here.

Teen Behavior Disorders

Life would be much easier if we could treat people of all ages the same and if they had the same symptoms for each illness or disorder. As with most medical issues, teen behavior disorders are different than child behavior disorders or adult behavior disorders. It is important to know what these disorders are and what to do if you suspect that your teen has one.

Cutting Cutting is self injury with any object that causes bleeding to occur. Statistically more girls cut than boys but that does not mean that boys are immune. While this is often thought of as a teen behavior disorder, some even continue to do this in adulthood.

Cuts can be anywhere on the body and can be hidden by an individual wearing long sleeve items (even if it is not seasonal), always wearing long pants, any behavior meant to hide their bodies in an unusual way is suspicious. Individuals often make excuses for the marks if someone asks. The individuals friends may notice how secretive the person becomes or that they seem to lack the ability to express what is bothering them.

Self injury is not just about cutting, some individuals use matches, cigarettes or other items to burn themselves as well.

If you are worried about cutting and self injury  type teen behavior disorders please seek help.

Shoplifting There are two kinds of shoplifters, those who do it "professionally" and those who do it as "amateurs". Some people believe that people who shoplift are kleptomaniacs but in truth, very few people have this actual behavior disorder. People can shoplift for a variety of reasons. At times, even people who have enough money to pay for their items will choose to shoplift instead of pay.

Teens can shoplift for a variety of reasons. These include but are not limited to peer pressure, to be cool, to get an adrenaline rush, to have what other kids have so that they feel equal, typically it is not an actual teen behavior disorder that prompts their actions.

Some people actually believe that shoplifting from a store is like getting the store back for some perceived injustice. In the long run we know that the consumer pays for this, not the store.

No matter why anyone shoplifts it is illegal and if you know that someone is doing it you should try to talk them into coming clean about it or maybe you need to be the one to turn them in for shoplifting.

Trichotillomania This psychological disorder is strong urge to pull hair. This condition is more common in girls than boys. Once thought to be very rare, we are now finding that it is becoming more and more of a problem and may be a teen behavior disorder.

The people with trichotillomania pull hair from the root from all parts of the body including hair, eyebrows, eye lids, chest, or pubic area. Some will put the hair out in large handfuls and other will pull the hair one at a time.

It is important to remember that this is an actual medical condition. The person may not have control of this impulse. People with trichotillomania are sometimes also diagnosed as being depressed, have anxiety or have obsessive compulsive disorder. These compulsive conditions can run in families and should be considered when learning about possible teen behavior disorders affecting your teen.

This is a manageable condition, if you suspect that someone you love has this or one of the other conditions listed please get them help as soon as possible. There are many private schools and residential treatment centers to help troubled youth.

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